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Your Software Development job questions, answered

What programming languages does a Software Developer use most?  

The languages you will use will vary depending what type of Software Developer you are. 
Front End Developers mostly focusing on the design aspect tend to have React and Angular in their arsenal, while Back End developers working on coding and integration typically use Java, Node, Golang, Python, C# and .NET. Full-stack developers will use a combination of both.  

What Software Development skills are most in demand?  

Competition is fierce for developers with skills in modern JavaScript frameworks as well as Golang.  
Additionally, the use of cloud-based technologies and DevOps has grown rapidly, causing demand for AWS, Docker, Kubernetes and GCP skills to rise.  

What can I expect to earn as a Software Developer?  

Software Developer salaries will vary according to experience, industry, and location. Salaries for those in junior roles start around SGD $54K, while mid to senior level developers earn between SGD $72 - 120K annually.

Use our Hays Salary Checker to benchmark Software Developer salaries in your location.

What can I expect in interviews for Software Developer jobs?  

As it’s a highly technical job, expect rigorous assessments on coding skills and software framework knowledge. Interviews will focus more on soft skills like reasoning and problem-solving. You might also be tested on your ability to articulate your design thinking and solutioning processes.  

What are the biggest Software Development trends in 2022?  

The industry will continue to grow, given that organisations are ramping up on their digital transformation plans. Software Engineers – already in short supply – will be in high demand across all industries especially in big tech firms, which means you can expect many opportunities.  
Aside from growing investment in AI as organisations make use of Machine Learning and Natural Language Processing, blockchain relate technologies like Solidity is also becoming more prominent, pushing up the demand for development expertise in these areas.