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The advance of AI and machine learning and a focus on data integrity, compliance and system integration means professionals within Data and Advanced Analytics are in demand. 

But it also means it’s tough out there to get the right people. Not only is our list of contacts impressive, but they’re already talking to us, so we’ll get the right people to you quickly.

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 The insight that Data and Analytics brings is not only disrupting established business models and transforming industries, it’s also revolutionising the way organisations approach customer experience.

As the need for data-driven decisions increase, so will the demand for Data and Analytics experts as businesses harness the power of Big Data. 

Daen Huang, Manager,
Hays Singapore

Your Data & Advanced Analytics recruitment questions, answered

What's the market like for Data and Analytics professionals in Singapore?  

Data and Analytics professionals continue to be in high demand. Getting more from data to enable smarter decisions is top of the list for organisations of all sizes and industries.   
Combine this with the rise of predictive analytics, artificial intelligence and automation, and it’s clear that experienced and talented Data and Analytics professionals are being snapped up by employers. However, scarcity of talent in this area means it will be more challenging finding candidates with the right skill sets – but that’s where we come in.   

Which Data professionals will I struggle to find when recruiting?  

As organisations look to change the way they engage with their customers, their service models, the way they operate and move towards automation, Data Scientists and Data Engineers will be especially challenging to find, given the depth of technical skills required.  
On top of technical skills and practical experience, leadership experience is especially valued as organisations look to build and mould their data teams. As a result, finding the right people with the right skills will be challenging, and you can expect a lot of competition!  

What are the top 3 skills for Data professionals?  

Data Engineers will need computer science know-how, such as in Python and Java, experience in building scalable pipelines or ETL processes, and solid experience in big data and cloud environments. Data Scientists will rely on strong statistics fundamentals, expertise in machine learning, and problem-solving mindset. Finally, good Data Analysts will need skills in SQL for database querying and data cleansing, competency in business intelligence tools like Tableau or PowerBI, and storytelling ability to present data-based insights and solutions.  

When recruiting Data professionals, what other skills should I look out for?  

Domain knowledge can be critical to determine the suitability of a Data professional for your organisation. The more experience and know-how they have in your industry, the more they understand how to work with your data.  
However, with technology and requirements changing all the time, don’t forget about the soft skills - especially communication, problem-solving, critical-thinking and attention to detail.   
For many roles, you’ll want someone with great communication and delivery, who can confidently present and discuss data with stakeholders across business as well as technical teams. Other soft skills to help drive your data strategy include strong analytical skills, inquisitiveness and being able to approach challenges differently.