Introducing Hays Technology

James Milligan, Global Head of Technology at Hays

There are few times within your career that you know you are at a pivotal moment; you’re on the cusp of something big, something that not only has the potential to make a material impact on the way you can support your customers, but also to play a part in the evolution of a sector. That’s where I am at the moment. We’re launching Hays Technology today as a standalone brand and it’s an extremely proud moment for me personally and professionally.
We have the potential to make a huge difference to customers across the world by ensuring our clients have access to skills that are constantly evolving, when they need them - regardless of sector or size. We will be better positioned to support professionals within this space, ensuring they have everything they need to continue to be at the forefront of technological change. And working in tandem with our partners, we will be able to provide best in class products and services.
The world is becoming increasingly digitised, at an unprecedented pace. Most sectors and roles are being impacted by the tech evolution, from marketing, to engineering, to finance – almost no sector or industry is unaffected. What is clear, is that most organisations have either recently undertaken a digital transformation journey, or they are currently doing so. And the reality is that digitisation, modernisation, and continuous advancement is very much a modern-day business “norm”. Many businesses today have adopted a ‘software mindset’ – a consumer behaviour in which we accept and, most interestingly, want change, as it means a better service with more options, personalisation, and an improved experience overall. This means that as new systems, tools or channels are introduced, the understanding and expectation is that these will continue to evolve and improve, resulting in a continued technological change within an organisation. So, it’s only natural that the demand for technology talent will continue to evolve rapidly alongside it.
This has been obvious to many of us for some time. I have spent a large part of my career finding the tech talent that companies need to succeed, and supporting extremely talented individuals to reach their career goals. It’s my passion and what gets me out of bed in the morning. I have always wanted to ensure that we’re fuelling the tech transformation and are constantly evolving. After all, if tech professionals have the latest skills, and businesses have access to them as and when they need them, then everybody is operating to their full potential. As a society, we all benefit from that. Technological disruption has the potential to help create a better world by improving efficiency, reducing costs, and driving economic growth. This would go some way to addressing some of the UN’s Global Goals to end poverty, fight inequality and address climate change.
The pace of growth in the tech space will not slow down. Technological transformation has accelerated, new technologies are continuously being created and the world of work is rapidly evolving. Over the past year alone, our reliance on technology has increased significantly – it’s become more and more integral to our day-to-day lives. Staying connected has been powered by technology, and processes in the world of work are becoming increasingly digitised, as artificial intelligence and machine learning continue to become more widely used.
But we mustn’t forget that this constant acceleration of technology is against a backdrop of an already skills short market. Demand is far surpassing supply and that is not sustainable. The requirement for new skills is ever-evolving and new jobs are being created all the time to keep pace with new technology, each needing a set of new skills – skills that aren’t readily available now. The need to learn and adapt is constant. As technology continues to advance, people will have to learn to upskill and reskill to maintain and enhance their employability. None of us know what the jobs and skills of the future will be, but we have the insights and expertise to support our customers as they all look to the future.
At Hays, we have nearly 30 years of experience and expertise in the technology sector, which accounts for a good portion of my career as well. We’ve supplied the tech talent that has been integral to the evolution of many companies throughout the past three decades. We’ve predicted trends and the growing importance of many of the roles that are commonplace today but unheard of just a few years ago. We understand technology and the many nuances of the industry. Hays Technology is full of people like me; passionate about technology, and passionate about making a difference to people’s lives.
In a world where companies are struggling to find the skills they need, and where professionals need a partner to make sure their skills remain relevant to market demand, Hays has a big role to play. In a fast-moving market like tech, it is even more important to provide quick and easy access to top skills and the top jobs.

Innovate like a start-up and deliver like an enterprise

Establishing Hays Technology as such a strong brand in the market means we have a business that is able to better represent our customers within the tech industry. We will achieve this by ensuring that everything is tailored towards them and operating on a global level powered by local teams - built based on what our customers need. We can innovate like a start-up and deliver like an enterprise.
Whether start-up, scale-up, enterprise, medtech, edtech, fintech, proptech or public services, whatever their size, scale or sector. Whether cyber, cloud, software, development or another specialist area, we understand the tech sector; we understand the latest technologies and the nuances of roles. Because not only do we have three decades of experience in tech, but now we’re making sure that our deep expertise is aligned to sectors and technologies, enabling us to work together with organisations to drive growth. It’s important to remember that Hays itself is a data and tech company, we are constantly evolving and developing digital products. We’re not on the outside looking in, we are very much part of that world. It’s near impossible for someone who doesn’t understand technology to recruit tech talent and that’s what sets us apart from everybody else – because we live it.
Our partners and networks allow us to build and share our sought-after expertise. We’re connected to the most important players within the tech industry, working with communities to forge relationships that matter and to provide extra value to our customers. This means that we have an unrivalled network of high quality, engaged professionals, with the skills to meet the challenges of today’s and tomorrow’s digital evolution. If a business is on the hunt for tech talent, we know the people who can make a difference to their organisation. We want to make sure that we are having a positive and lasting impact on the tech world and the talent pipelines of the future; improving the sustainability of skills by reskilling and building talent pools for the future.
The benefit of being in the technology space ourselves, is that tech employers know we have an unrivalled understanding of their business, and as a result they come to us. This further allows us to act as a partner, and it also provides professionals with a solid reason to trust us to find them a role that suits them. We understand what employers are looking for and we can provide professionals with insights into relevant opportunities. We can tell them who the best employers are, what a particular opportunity would entail, and we can offer them valuable information into the organisations that are hiring. That is something that you will only get by choosing Hays Technology.
If you’re a tech professional and you’re ready to line up your next role, Hays Technology is here to work with you and provide the support you need. We can offer professionals the very best possible career opportunities, and partner with you to build a skills framework to support your career in the ever-evolving tech world, proving ourselves as lifelong career partners. We offer timely advice and expert insights into the skills currently in demand, potential career prospects and the latest employment trends, enriching their careers. We work with individuals to make sure they’re prepared for whatever the new era of work brings next, and make sure that the right opportunity is available to them, whether they want a permanent role or a contractor position.

Continually evolving to meet the market

We know that Hays Technology needs to continue to evolve in the rapidly changing market, so we can meet the needs of customers both now and in the future. Continued investment is key to the success of Hays Technology. We are constantly evolving our own tools and technologies, we continue to learn, be agile to change and innovative in our approach. We know this is necessary to shape the future of technology recruitment. As we evolve with the market, we’ll keep coming up with new ideas and solutions, so our customers can get the very best service.
Since we began operating in this space in the early 1990’s, it’s been of great importance to us. So much so, that we’ve been heavily investing in this area for some time - whether that be through our own people and the training and tools that they receive, or the insights that we provide to organisations and jobseekers. Our resources and investment continue to be vital today; they set us apart, meaning we’re a lifetime career partner like no other. We have access to the best resources, tools and platforms to drive top performance in everything we do.
We know the world’s dependency on technology and tech skills will only increase, so we will ensure that we are always at the forefront of what skills are needed, when. We want to make sure that we’re doing our part in finding the skills for the workforce of the future. The opportunities and possibilities within the technology sector are endless, and we’re ready to provide a recruitment company that reflects that. That is my ambition and the ambition of Hays Technology; to build the leading global technology recruiting company by using our global expertise, industry insight and local knowledge, to provide an unrivalled service to all customers. The tech world is an exciting world to be in, the potential is monumental and the gains on offer are huge, which is exactly how I feel about Hays Technology. We are ready to shape the future of tech recruitment.
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James Milligan
Global Head of Technology at Hays

James Milligan is the Global Head of Technology at Hays, having joined in 2000. In his role, he is responsible for the strategic development of Hays' technology businesses globally.