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Digitalisation, machine learning and AI are changing how Singapore operates across a broad spectrum of industries, so in order to stay relevant, prospective employees will need to develop their skillsets, according to recruiting experts Hays, as part of the country’s top 10 talent trends for 2021.
The importance of emerging technology is to be key in how numerous sectors progress in the coming year, with the COVID-19 pandemic the driving force behind how tech is being utilised in the healthcare industry in particular. Due to the virus’ highly transmissive nature, hospitals, clinics and companies have been compelled to alter the way that they interact with patients and customers alike. This can be seen in how useful the information gleaned from robotic surgeries has been in the creation of consistent application of surgical operations. With the use of robotic process automation and robotics implementation, and the financial investment that this generates, the new technology has enabled the industry to progress even during the pandemic, transforming the very future of healthcare.
The compliance sector, too, will see new technology altering how it operates, with fintech companies utilising digital trading platforms, leading to payments firms and cryptocurrency trading firms competing for strong risk and compliance talent.
“The implementation of emerging tech is changing the very fabric of Singapore’s recruitment market,” says Grant Torrens, Regional Director for Hays in Singapore. “We are seeing companies nationwide not only exploring how technology and digitalisation can improve and advance functions, but also looking into how they may negate any detrimental issues that their products and services may provoke.”
“This is especially apparent for user interface and user experience designers, where they will be expected in the coming year to look beyond the design aspect and into augmented reality and virtual reality. To do so, they will be required to master new skills such as voice design, immersive experiences, and the ability to develop a strong commercial acumen in order to influence business objectives. However, they must simultaneously focus on the hotly-debated topic of ethical design, as pressure on tech companies to look into issues such as device addiction grows, and the challenge for UX and UI designers is to find the perfect balance between providing a smooth user experience without promoting over usage of smart devices.”
“Similarly, we have seen digital marketers playing an increasingly prominent role throughout a number of industries, but with social media users paying an increasing level of attention to what companies post, they will need to be more proactive in promoting social media transparency.”
“As such, with this prominence of new technology to continue through 2021, there is an enhanced necessity for candidates right across the gamut to develop their skillsets should they wish to remain relevant and, ultimately, thrive.”

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