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Companies are becoming more aware of how workplace stress affects employees' mental health. While burnout is widely recognised, a less-discussed issue called "boreout" can also result in similar problems. Organisations are proactively tackling these challenges to enhance employee well-being. Chronic workplace stress can result in burnout, leading to exhaustion. If not addressed, it can...


We’ve all had it, that awful sinking feeling you get when you’ve just realised you’ve made a mistake. Unfortunately, there is no avoiding it, we are all human, and mistakes are an inevitable part of our daily working lives. What really matters is how we take ownership for these mistakes, how we present a viable solution for them, and then bounce back. So, if you’ve recently made a mistake...


  An organisation’s commitment to sustainability has become hugely important in recent years – and its significance is only going to increase in the future with the realisation of the systemic challenges we face. Corporate commitments are growing across all sectors of society, with business leaders being in a strong position to drive higher ambition. Increasingly, companies that act are...


The COVID-era cohort of school and university leavers are facing unique challenges entering the world of work. What role can employers play in helping the next generation take the first steps of their career journey? One of the lasting legacies of COVID-19 will be the unprecedented experience of young people who looked for, or started, their very first job during this pandemic. The...


  Whether you’re new to the world of work or an experienced leader, everyone is susceptible to thoughts that they are undeserving of the position and plaudits that they have worked hard to earn. Over time, these thoughts can impact heavily on not just your mindset, but your career and life as a whole. Today I’m delighted to be joined by Rita Clifton CBE, an expert on branding and...


  A good employee value proposition, or EVP, helps an organisation draw the attention of top talent. It is a clear and consistent message about the experience of working at your organisation and highlights the unique experience you offer that attracts, engages and retains top talent. In short, it helps you understand and share what successful employees like best about working for you....


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