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The strategies of an effective sourcing partner

The secrets of a successful talent sourcing partner

To the untrained eye, developing a sourcing strategy for obtaining candidates may seem a simple process, with technology enhancing the efficiency and effectiveness of the modern recruiter.

However, ask any workforce experts and they'll likely admit it's far from plain sailing (either that or they're underestimating the task ahead!). Talent shortages, mismatched skillsets and the acceleration of technology-induced change have made the search for skills a complex challenge.

What makes a successful talent sourcing specialist?

So, what separates the good from the great in the world of talent sourcing? For Aleksander Koziel, a key element that underpins the success of any recruitment function is the behaviours displayed by candidate-facing recruiters.

With nearly a decade of experience in sourcing quality talent for leading organisations, Aleks has distilled the critical competencies that distinguish top-tier sourcing partners, irrespective of their seniority, domain expertise, or organisational affiliation. Read on to unlock his top behavioural insights.

1. Presenting data: an art and a science
In the dynamic world of workforce solutions, presenting data is an art form.

Seasoned talent sourcing partners stand out by skillfully analysing diverse data points, from market maps to talent insights. Armed with this information, they embark on briefing calls fully prepared, ready to shape the narrative.

Their prowess as negotiator allows them to answer the ever-persistent 'why' from senior stakeholders, bridging the chasm between perception and reality. They transform raw data into compelling stories that captivate hiring managers and elevate decision-making.

2. Inquisitive minds that think beyond

A frequently quoted statistics in the world of work is that enormous 80% of failed staffing activities can be traced back to the initial briefing call.

Often, the right questions aren't asked at the begining of the hiring process and various parties aren't calibrated as to what kind of skillsets and profile the organisations is searching for. This is particularly pertinent when the job description is system-generated, without adequate input and confirmation from the hiring team.

World-class sourcing partners mitigate this risk with their innate curiosity. They utilise every moment of the kickoff calls to scrutinise, paraphrase, and validate the information they gather. They're unafraid to dig deeper, ensuring a crystal-clear understanding of the hiring manager's expectations. Only when they are confident in their grasp of the requirement do tehy embark on the candidate search.

The best talent sourcing partners aren't merely listeners; they are assertive questioners who leave no stone unturned.

3. Uncomplicating the complex
Exceptional recruiters aren't just well-versed in any array of search tools; they possess a unique ability to decode intricate job roles and skill sets.

For example, a top-notch IT recruiter doesn't merely spot candidates with C++ expertise; they understand the nuances that differentiate it from other languages like C#.

Strong talent sourcing partners possess the art of translating the often abstract job description into relatable terms. They craft vivid, enticing descriptions that not only inform candidates but also ignite their curiosity.

After conversing with such a recruiter, candidates leave with a clear picture of the role and a newfound motivation to explore the opportunity further.

4. Masters of the Employer Value Proposition (EVP)

While recruitment training often emphasises Boolean strings and search mechanics, a true differentiator amongst staffing experts is the ability to communicate the Employer Value Proposition (EVP)

Sourcing partners who grasp this concept can engage candidates effectively by articulating what sets the hiring company apart from the competition. They continuously refer to key elements of the EVP, ensuring candidate engagement remains high throughout the hiring process.

Talented sourcing professionals understand that finding a candidate is only half the battle; retaining their interest is equally crucial.

5. Relentless perseverance

In the realm of recruitment, talent and skill can only carry you so far. What truly separates the elite from the rest is a determination to persevere in the face of adversity.

This is where the number of searches per role becomes a critical indicator of a recruiter's resilience. When faced with challenges, these sourcing partners don't retreat; they recalibrate their approach. A few unsuccessful searches don't deter them; instead they analyse, adapt, and forge ahead.

Recruitment is an ever-evolving landscapre, and adaptability is a cornerstone of success. Few things are more disheartening for in-house or outsourced recruiters than learning that a third-party agency filled a role that was within their grasp.

Creating your competitive advantage

Regardless of your position in the recruitment ecosystem, it's worth revisiting these fundamental elements that underpin our profession. Even in a world of cutting-edge tools, self-awareness and constant refinement of these core behaviours are the true catalysts for success.

These behaviours not only elevate the sourcing partner's role but also empower organisations to tap into their full talent potentials.

Enhance your search for skills with our world class sourcing expertise. Contact the team at Enterprise Solutions to explore how we can elevate your talent strategy.



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