Refer a friend to Hays Singapore

Refer a friend to Hays Singapore

Recommend your friend to us and receive a $200 CapitaStar gift voucher for a successful referral.
Every month we reward hundreds of people for recommending their friends to Hays Singapore. If you recommend your friend to us and they pass their probation once placed into work, you will receive a $200 CapitaStar gift voucher.  
Before you get started in submitting your friend’s details, please make sure you read the terms and conditions by scrolling to the bottom of this page and remember to let your friend know that we will be contacting them. We have also put together some FAQs that you can view by scrolling to the bottom of this page.

Refer a friend - form

Submit your details

  • Submit the details of your friend you would like to recommend to us

    Please also confirm that you have your friend's permission to pass on their details. 
     I confirm that all parties (including both referrer and friend) have read and accept the terms and conditions. By filling out this form, I agree all parties (including both referrer and friend) have read and understand the privacy policy.

Refer a Friend Terms & Conditions on landing page

  • The Hays Singapore referral friend scheme and the terms and conditions constitute the entire agreement between the parties. In the event of conflict between this scheme and the terms and conditions, the terms and conditions shall prevail.
  • Excludes candidates currently registered with Hays.
  • No monetary alternative is available.
  • Referrals must be made to Hays before or at registration (of the referred candidate) - referrals made at a later stage may not be valid.
  • To qualify for a reward, your referred friend must be referred and placed within a 12 month period upon registration.
  • We can only accept referrals for people already working in the Singapore, or those who are eligible to work in Singapore.
  • If your friend is placed in role by Hays, you will be eligible for your gift once your referred candidate passes their probation either in a temporary or permanent role.
  • Once your friend successfully completes their probation, we will contact you to arrange delivery of your voucher.
  • Hays and its supplier accept no responsibility for vouchers not successfully received due to a technical fault, technical malfunction, computer hardware or software failure, satellite, network or server failure of any kind.
  • Hays and its supplier has no liability for lost or stolen or e-vouchers, once the voucher is received by you.
  • Hays reserves the right to offer an alternative reward of the same value at any time.
  • Hays’ decision is final.


Refer a friend | FAQ

Referrer FAQ’S

How can I refer my friends and claim my voucher once they have been placed in a role by Hays?
Submit your details, plus the details of your friend here. If they are successfully placed into a role and meet the eligibility criteria outlined in the terms & conditions, then you will receive a $200 CapitaStar gift voucher by email from Hays Singapore.
Will I be notified if the person I referred gets a job?
You will only be notified and sent your $200 CapitaStar gift voucher once the person you referred has been placed into a role and meets the eligibility criteria outlined in the terms & conditions. Unfortunately we cannot provide progress updates of your friend’s job search.
What is the eligibility criteria for receiving the $200 CapitaStar gift voucher?
If your friend is successfully placed in a role within 12 months of registration and passes their probation period whether it’s for a permanent or temporary role, you will be entitled to the $200 CapitaStar gift voucher. Please note if we happen to place your friend in further roles once their initial employment has ceased, you will not be entitled to claim any further $200 CapitaStar gift voucher.
What happens once I submit the details of my friend?
We will contact you to confirm that both you and your friend meet the eligibility criteria of the ‘refer a friend’ campaign.
Once we have successfully confirmed the details of you and your friend, we will contact your friend and assist them in landing either a new permanent or temporary role in Singapore.

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