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With society now working hard to tackle climate change, uncontrollable energy consumption, and a global water crisis, businesses should prioritise paving the path to net zero. But transformational change at an enterprise level requires talented professionals who can harmonise environmental, social and economic priorities in order to promote sustainability.

As specialist recruiters in sustainability, within the emerging areas of sustainable buildings, the circular economy, environmental roles, and corporate sustainability, we understand that sustainability requires a multi-faceted approach. However you are planning on developing your sustainability agenda, at Hays we can find the right people to help you succeed. 

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Why recruit sustainability candidates through Hays?

Why recruit sustainability candidates through Hays?

  • Global reach, local networks
    Our global presence and expertise, teamed with our candidate networks and regional technical hubs, means that we are perfectly aligned to source the talent you need to deliver on your sustainability agenda.

  • We recruit across the board
    We recruit across a broad range of professions in a multitude of different industries, ensuring that wherever and however you are looking to build a sustainable world, we can find the right people to support you.

  • We're supported by cutting-edge technology
    As sustainability becomes increasingly rooted in innovation and new technologies, you need to know you’re working with the best systems. Our industry-leading AI capabilities ensure we provide you with first-class access to the most in-demand talent.

  • We're committed to becoming more sustainable
    We are a carbon-neutral organisation and our next ambition is to reach net zero. We aim to practise what we preach when it comes to our commitment to sustainability and are proud members of the Institute of Environmental Management & Assessment (IEMA) and the charity, Trees for Cities.