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Global opportunities

Sue Wei, Managing Director (Transferred from Shanghai to Hong Kong SAR)

Sally Kok, Business Manager (Transferred from Malaysia to Hong Kong SAR)

Choi Tsang, Senior Finance Manager (Transferred from London to Hong Kong SAR)

Lesley Innes, Title (Transferred from ABC to Japan)
Zoe Tang, Title (Transferred from ABC to Japan)

Global opportunities Duplicate 2

Michael Doebele, Title (Transferred from Germany to Malaysia)
Samantha Fox, TItle (Transferred from Japan to Malaysia)
Gosia Dominik, TItle (Transferred from Poland to Malaysia)
Patrick Yap, TItle (Transferred from Malaysia to ABC)
Eunice Tam, TItle (Transferred from Malaysia to ABC)
Sally Kok, TItle (Transferred from Malaysia to Hong Kong SAR)

Patrick Yap, TItle (Transferred from Malaysia to Singapore)
Eunice Tam, TItle (Transferred from Malaysia to Singapore)
Neem Lock, TItle (Transferred from UK, NZ to Singapore)
Anna Vaughan, TItle (Transferred from Sydney to Singapore)